The volunteer agrees to the following understanding with Majestic Media Inc., and Tamale Fest Staff:


I will complete and submit a Volunteer Application Form.

I understand the policies and procedures of the Festival as written here.


I will attend a short, job-specific orientation during the week before the Festival. Times and locations of trainings will be available on this website and via e-mail in late August.


I will complete my Festival volunteer assignment in a satisfactory way (show up on time for training and shifts, stay the required duration, wear my volunteer t-shirt and button while on shift, and treat other volunteers, staff, performers, and festival patrons with respect).

I will notify the Volunteer Coordinator if my availability changes after I have already accepted my Shift Offer.

I will abide by the policies of Tamale Fest, including, but not limited to, zero tolerance for use of controlled drugs and alcohol, and for harassment of any kind, while working my Shift.


I agree that the Festival may decide to terminate my relationship with the Festival at any time.

NOTE: Volunteers for most positions need to be 18 years of age or older or 16 and older with parents consent. For our limited number of positions for volunteers aged 16-17, please see the application process in our Volunteer FAQ section.



Volunteers are crucial to the success of every festival.  It is very important that volunteers commit not only to their assigned shift(s) but also to an orientation.  In exchange for your commitment, wherein you ensure the smooth operation of a wonderful event, you are able to attend the festival at no cost.

To help make your Tamale Fest volunteer experience a good one, please do the following:


Review the Festival Volunteer Policy, Volunteer Positions, and Frequently Asked Questions before submitting your application. We want to be certain that you have thoroughly reviewed our information about the exchange between the volunteers and the festival, including job descriptions and expectations.

Check back on August 1st for the 2018 Festival Application.

**NOTE All volunteers are required to attend a job-specific orientation on either Friday, September 1st, or late morning or Wednesday evening, September 5th. Please make sure that you are available for one of the orientations BEFORE submitting your volunteer application.

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