M.A.S.A. is a 501 (c) 3 designated nonprofit organization.


MASA provides entrepreneurial education for aspiring and current business owners and organizations, youth mentoring for young at-risk Latinos in the tri-county area, and cultural education. 


Our Story


Started in 2018 originally a youth group in Belvidere Illinois, now we have evolved as an organization. We have focused on the entrepreneurial spirit and helping all Latinos in general regardless of age or location.

Our grassroots focus makes us one of the few Latino organizations in the area that combines direct service with policy work to amplify minority voices at the local and state levels.


Our mission is to empower
minorities by providing resources to help them raise themselves
out of the darkness of poverty and overcome hardship.

Pantry Runs png.png

We are in need of pantry runners!!

If you would like to sign up

please contact us!

We have families who are undocumented or for one reason or another have no ID's limiting their access to pantrys or simply are too shy to go the first time. That's where you come in!


Want to show them the ropes?

Or just go on a pantry run for them let us know. We appreciate the help.

Spanish not required but helpful. 

If you would like to volunteer please submit your email below.

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