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100% of proceeds support locally owned businesses or nonprofits operating in the Rockford, IL. region.

Community Threads Mission

To help local businesses and organizations in the area while providing you some new threads to show off your support.


We invite you to join us in giving back to the community and help us make an impact on the many lives that are being transformed. For info on participating organizations click on collections and visit their page, or continue shopping below.

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Sabores Food Truck is the newest food truck 

to hit the Rockford area this year. Yeah, try opening up a food truck in middle of a pandemic! But thanks to the overwhelming support of the community their journey has been good so far.

They have amazing food including their quesadillas, burritos, real Mexican Tacos, and their iconic loaded tots! 

They also join several others and are donating their proceeds to a great cause! So please look them up, follow their page, and support! Don't forget to try their ice cream dessert called Saboritas!

%100 of proceeds go to the MASA 501c3 nonprofit.